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Thank you for visiting with Music and the Brain @Home!  

This is a new site designed in response the remote learning needs of our partner schools caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parents/Families, We'd love to hear from you!
Please share your thoughts about Music and the Brain @Home!

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How much time are you spending on this site per session?

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How would you describe your child's engagement with the site?

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Are you receiving directions from your child's music teacher?

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Don't have a piano/keyboard at home?

Download and Print a MATB Keyboard Card PDF for practice at home here:

regular keyboard card new keyboard side

Or use our featured virtual piano/keyboard to practice!

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When should I consider purchasing a piano/keyboard for my child?

Portable keyboards have become much more affordable in recent years, so many families of Music and the Brain students are able to purchase keyboards.  If your child is interested in piano and beginning to show signs of dedication to practice, a 61 key portable keyboard would be a wonderful beginner keyboard for them to start gaining skills. 

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