Calling all 2020 Music and the Brain @ Home All-Stars!

How do you practice rhythm with Music and the Brain @ Home?

Do you practice with the rhythm videos?

Matthew (1st Grade)

Robert Surroca, Music Teacher

Bonita Springs Charter-Miami, FL

Do you practice the lesson

 rhythm warm ups?

Chris (4th Grade)

Aixys Roque, Music Teacher

Henry M. Flagler Elem-Miami, FL

Do you practice body rhythm

with rhythm videos?

Rodrigo (Kindergarten)

Chris Fasulo, Music Teacher

PS Q107-Queens, NY

Ask your parent/guardian to upload a photo or video of you practicing and have your parent/guardian fill out the release form below to enter our second Music and the Brain @Home All-Star challenge!

(Please try to include the Music and the Brain @ Home screen image in the photo submission)


Music and the Brain (MATB) is a twenty-three year old program of nonprofit Building for the Arts that provides music literacy curriculum, teacher training, and keyboard instruments to schools for whole-class piano/keyboard instruction. Music and the Brain @Home All-Stars are dedicated students who build skills through Music and the Brain's remote learning website Our Music and the Brain @Home Challenges require the submission of video, photo images or samples of written work or keyboard performances, and must be accompanied with parent/guardian consent to be considered.


Only a parent or guardian should submit student work or complete this form

All submissions with consent will result in a student becoming a 2020 Music and the Brain @Home All-Star. Every All-Star will be recognized through “2020 Music and the Brain @ Home All-Star” student lists on this site. Some student work may also be featured as part of video compilations and/or images through online, print, and/or Music and the Brain's social media platforms.

PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION: (all fields required)



Upload your All-Star Challenge work submission below. Files may not exceed 15MB in size. Some files may need to be compressed or trimmed depending on file type.  (If your file is too large, email it to

Upload File
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)


II hereby grant permission for the above mentioned Student to participate in the challenge, and to the use of interview quotes, photographs, movies and/or videotapes of the Student named above by Music and the Brain/and/or Building for the Arts NY, Inc for promotional and educational purposes.  I also grant/authorize Music and the Brain and/or/Building for the Arts NY, Inc. and those acting with MATB’s approval, the right to edit, use and reuse said products, including all images and recordings for nonprofit purposes. This grant/authorization extends to all conventional and electronic media, including the internet and any future media, and to any printed material.  I understand and agree that the images and recordings may be distributed with or without charge, and /or altered in any manner without compensation or liability, in perpetuity. I hereby release my child’s school district and it’s agents and employees of all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever in connection with the above.  

Parent/Guardian's Signature

If you have trouble with the above submission form, download the pdf version, sign and email it to with your video or photo submission.  Indicate the challenge #, student name and school in the subject.  



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